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Why The Human Cloud?

The Human Cloud was created specifically for those employees in the media and advertising sector who were made redundant or stood down indefinitely during COVID-19. The companies most affected include but aren’t limited to media and advertising agencies, publishing houses, broadcast networks, digital agencies, event businesses, brand and research agencies and other related marketing businesses. These are the skills on the platform.

By broadcasting work opportunities to The Human Cloud, the marketplace enables you to target this available talent, get them back into the industry and more importantly keep them in the industry to fulfil work opportunities. In doing so your business can scale, whilst you continue to drive economic and operational efficiencies.

Discover The Benefits

Book available talent in minutes

Target talent anywhere, ensuring access to the best and not just in your local geography.

Reduce recruitment fees

Protect your business's cashflow by saving thousands on expensive recruiter fees

Automate the hiring process

Eliminate inefficient legacy recruitment processes, saving time and money.

Reduce fixed costs and FTE head count

Streamline your overheads

Eliminate latent overhead and drive utilisation

Build your business faster

Create your flexible workforce

Easily scale resources up and down